DOI: 10.5176/2251-1938_ORS13.41

Authors: Nurul Na’imy Wan, Che Hayati Abdullah, Norzalina Othman, Zuraidah Md Noor, Izzat Farid Sakijan


The research goal is to investigate the effect of the changes of rim size of a vehicle to brake and engine performance. Experimental designs are conducted to obtain the data of the effect of the rim size changes that influence on brake system and engine performance. The efficiency of brake taken brings a different brake force value on all four wheel of the vehicle.

The effect of rim sizes on engine performance is monitored through value of the maximum power and torque of the engine. Through experimental design methods, we can significantly evaluate the rim sizes effects on the engine performance and the brake system.

Keywords: brake force, engine performance, horsepower, rim size, torque

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