DOI: 10.5176/2251-1911_CMCGS17.14

Authors: Pamini Thangarajah and Nouralhuda Ismail

Abstract: This comparative study sheds light on the role of culture as an important aspect of mathematics teaching and learning. It will explore the underlying issues and key concepts of the impact of culture in mathematics education. This study intends to stimulate discussions on what cultural values or beliefs are relevant to the teachings of mathematics. Our increasingly technological world places a great deal of value on mathematics being an important subject in education in many parts of the world. A range of cultural values and beliefs are explored to understand their influences on teaching practices. The information collected helps in the understanding of our teaching practices and develops a common goal for improvement. The study hopes to provide insight for educators in changing or modifying the math curriculum to better meet the needs of students. The comparative study elaborates on the different cultures and their reform of mathematics teaching providing an opportunity to reflect on our practices and beliefs as we gain a better understanding of our mathematical teaching principles. Exploring the latest educational development and cultural influences on mathematical pedagogies will help educators develop a shared goal for the improvement of the current curriculum..

Keywords: teaching mathematics, cultural traditions, student engagement, creativity, constructivism, inquiry, interactive learning

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