DOI: 10.5176/2251-2403_PSSIR14.57

Authors: Laode Ida


Indonesia’s politics in the reformasi era has been far more dynamic compared to previous regime. People have been enjoying the democratic atmosphere as a result of people struggle that change political system from authoritarian. Direct election for political positions (president/vice president, parliament members, and local leaders) have been practiced in a very democratic ways on one hand, but on the hand there is inclination to create people political demoralization due to the justification of any mean to achieve political ends by politicians, government officials and including election organizers. Both people and elites, in short, tend to be trapped by pragmatism politics. These practices and attitudes are contradictive with reformasi struggle values which hope new political system will be used for the better and improvement of social political and state-government management. The late of making consolidated democracy has been always used to explain this phenomena, but actually the low political willingness of the state actors to be toughly consistent in implementing reformasi agenda become a crucial reason. Social economic conditions of many Indonesian, mainly who are poor with their lack political awareness, tend to be exploited by certain political elites to achieve their own interest by disdaining morality and reformasi values.

Keywords: Reformasi, Election, Justification any means, People demoralization

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