DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE17.115

Authors: Prahlad Prasad, A.K.L Srivastava and Gopinath C.


Energy based seismic design has been recently reassessed in order to get robust performance under varying earthquake ground motions. The content of the paper is based on the premises that input seismic energy can be assessed with higher accuracy than the other seismic input-strength based, displacement/drift. Identification and quantification of resistance of a structure also may be evaluated separately in terms of linear non linear strain energy, energy due to viscosity, kinetic energy and energy dissipated in terms of hysteretic loop. Distribution of energy among assembly, sub assembly and at structural component levels has been possible because of emergence of software like SAP, RAM Perform 2D & 3D.

Keywords: Energy based design, robust performance, non linear strain energy, hysteretic loop.


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