DOI: 10.5176/2301-3761_CCECP14.08

Authors: Le Quang Minh, Bonggu Choi, Jinho Park, Feng Wei, and Moon Yong Lee


Naphtha feed stock is separated into light naphtha, heavy naphtha and light kerosene in sequence. Systems and methods of naphtha feed stock are destined for a conventional distillation sequence and other applications with less energy consumption than conventionally possible. According to the more examples of such systems and methods, such reductions are accomplished by directly integrating conventional column together or using other advanced configuration. A lesser number of facilities are provided and correspondingly less capital investment as well as operating cost reduced. The results showed that the side rectifier and dividing wall column can achieve the significant benefit compared to the conventional distillation sequence.

Keywords: Distillation, Naphtha Splitter, Side rectifier, Thermally coupled distillation column, Dividing wall column

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