DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC15.109

Authors: Beverly K. Lunsford and Danielle Janes


The increasing proportion of older adults globally is causing many countries concern about the possible higher costs of healthcare and in home caregiving. Older adults may be viewed as an incredibly untapped resource. Older adults have the potential to build their own social capital for meeting the needs of aging colleagues. This paper will explore the changing demographics of older adults globally, examine the capacity and potential of older adults for providing in home resources and supportive services for other adults in needs, and discuss the health policy implications of engaging older adults to build social capital. Singapore will be used as an example for illustrating that building social capital among older adults could have a positive impact on older adults and Singaporean society.

Keywords: older adults, aging, social capital, in home support,time banking and gerontology

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