DOI: 10.5176/2251-1997_AF13.23

Authors: Pham Quang Huy, Vo Van Nhi, Mai Thi Hoang Minh


Together with the activities of business at private companies, the operations of public sector entities are also considered as an important role in the society of any countries in
the world. The tasks of these organizations are to assist Government for delivering public goods and service to the people through using the annual budget. At the end of the accounting
period, those entities have to prepare and disclose the financial information to the Government for examination, checking and making the suitable decisions in the further years. In Vietnam, numerous financial errors and frauds have been discovered by the working of state auditors for many years. Besides that, from the past to present, in the world and especially in Vietnam, there are prior researches for conducting the determination of making
frauds in their financial reports; but there have no papers for giving the solution to giving those up happened in the future. With the above reasons, by the quality research method by way of interview with official staffs in public sector firms, the aim of this article is to produce the uniform auditing process that is from beginning to the end of auditing cycle when inspecting the state budget’s figures in case of Vietnam.

Keywords: auditing process, budget data, public accounting, public sector, state audit

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