DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-25

Authors: Sanit Haruehansawasin and Paiboon Kiattikomol


The ability to use computers is widely accepted as one the skills needed in order to compete and succeed in the global information society and in the job market. Now that computers are ubiquitous even in households, many people can use various applications available. But this does not mean that those people will be able to understand and use their computers efficiently. In order to create knowledge and ability in efficiently applying Office Applications, the Vocational Education Commission has identified “Computer at Work” as a required subject for vocational graduates. But the National Statistics Office of Thailand (NSOT) reported that majority of employees in the workplace have inconsistent levels of knowledge in using Office Applications within the workplace requirement. A literature review was conducted to determine the possible causes and propose a conceptual framework to develop a more appropriate and efficient learning model to enhance the vocational learners’ skills in applying Office Applications.

Keywords: Computer competency; Office Applications;Vocational Education; Learning Model; Problem-based learning;Collaborative learning; Inquiry-based learning

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