DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE17.104

Authors: Kyoon-Tai Kim, Eun-Young Shin and Young-Hun Jun


As businesses put a greater emphasis on outward appearances, the demand for external window cleaning has been on the rise. However, with the conventional labor-intensive window cleaning method, it is hard to meet this demand. Therefore, this study proposes a guiderail-type cleaning robot and analyzes the Life Cycle Cost (LCC) of cost of the robotic and conventional methods respectively. Through the analysis, it was found that if the robot was developed within a budget of KRW 9 million won or less, the LCC would be less than the conventional manual method even considering the added installation cost and maintenance cost. The findings of this research are expected to serve as a guide for future development of a cleaning robot.

Keywords: cleaning robot, construction automation, maintenance, Life Cycle Cost(LCC), window cleaning


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