DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_itcse-29

Authors: K.V. Ranga Rao and Niraj Upadhayaya


Having come to the end of Mega Hertz rope, all the chip manufacturers looked into other methods for increasing the processing power while maintaining efficiency. The most significant one is to increase the number cores and the Multicore era began in Spring 2005.

The present day Multicore Processors a.k.a, Chip Multi Processors(CMPs) fail to meet the expectations of the End users. This is in compliance with the Amdahl's law that predicts the maximum number of parallelization Cores. In this paper we discuss the performance Bottleneck with increase in the number of cores in the present day Chip Multi Processors. As well we analyze various factors that are affecting the CMP Performance like Effective CAche, Core speed etc. Further we suggest a processot design for better performance.

Keywords: Chip Multi Processor. Amdahl's Law, Moore's Law, Cache Memory, Speedup, Performance.

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