DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT15.9

Authors: Akbar Siami Namin, Rattikorn Hewett and Fethi A. Inan

Abstract: Community colleges and their graduates are important contributors to the economic growth and workforce. Continuous training and development, specifically tailored for instructors teaching at community colleges, play crucial roles to fulfill the critical mission of these institutes of higher learning. This paper introduces a faculty development model and outreach program specifically designed for community colleges that aims at building a capacity of educators who are exposed to the recent advancements of science and technology. Through the introduced faculty development model, educators from community colleges are outreached, trained, and mentored with the target objectives of i) promoting cybersecurity education in these colleges by introducing new course modules, ii) enabling consistency of baccalaureate and associate degrees, and iii) enhancing the quality education across these types of organizations. We report our experiences with organizing the program along with the lessons learned.

Keywords: component; Cybersecurity; faculty development, training workshop; Assessment.

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