DOI: 10.5176/2251-3566_L317.82

Authors: Natallia Zhabo, Marina Avdonina, Peter Dokukin and Sergey Nikitin

Abstract: The study is devoted to the linguistic, and historical analysis of the toponymy in the culture of France of the late 18th century. Symbolic names, reflecting the values and world outlook of the epoch; romanticism in the perception of nature; place-names dedicated to historical events and cultural figures have been revealed. The uniformity of the formants of such kind of lexical units and the forced ideologization of the concept of the toponym were not perceived as positive in the following periods, but the Great French Revolution made geographical names part of the language of the active social life of civil society

Keywords: toponym; renaming; The French Revolution; The Age of Enlightenment; culturological analysis; memorial names


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