DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC16.39

Authors: Lin Perry, Kathryne Hoban and Elizabeth Ryan


Internationally, nursing workforces are ageing, and affected by the same lifestyle health risks and associated chronic disease as the populations from which they are drawn, including being overweight / obese with a poor diet. As the first steps towards promoting healthy eating in the nursing workforce of an acute tertiary hospital in Sydney, Australia, we: •Mapped the food and eating facilities available to staff at work •Surveyed users of the main cafeteria and eating space •Audited vending machine compliance with healthy vendingmachine guidance. Findings demonstrated that the poverty of provision for facilities to support and enable healthy eating of staff at work had gone unnoticed, and nursing staff were struggling to be able to make healthy eating choices at work. Recommendations are proposed to enable staff to eat well at work.

Keywords: Nursing; Health behaviours; diet; nutrition; workforce

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