DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.57

Authors: Rohana Mahbub


In the past decade, the Malaysian government has put forward several initiatives regarding the use of innovative technologies including the use of prefabrication and industrialized building systems to address the need to produce higher quality and efficiently built buildings whilst reducing the heavy reliance on foreign labor. In exploring the application of industrialized building systems, it is important to consider both the product (producing the components in factory) and the process (installation of the components on site); including the interaction and overlapping of these two areas. This paper describes a framework in terms of process considerations of prefabrication and IBS, related to factory production of components through to assembly on site. The methodology adopted includes semistructured interviews targeted at construction industry players involved in IBS at multi-levels. Preliminary findings show that regardless of which form of IBS is adopted, building by such methods demands the total integration of all subsystems and components into an overall process which include design considerations, industrialized components production in the factory, transportation, and assembly techniques.

Keywords: framework; prefabrication; Industrialized Building System, Malaysia

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