DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.100

Authors: Jakob Reising, Stefan Schäfer


Newly developed freeform architecture offers great potential. But it also sets strong demands on design and manufacturing technologies. New developments in the fields of CAD and CAM open new possibilities. Therefore, both new production methods and new planning tools are necessary to manufacture these architectural forms properly and more efficient. The Collaborative Research Center 666 (CRC 666) explores different methods of cold forming of sheet metal. In particular, flow splitting and bend splitting both result in an ultrafine grain structure of the metal and thus a material hardening. These profiles can be manufactured with defined curvature radii. In subsequent processing steps cut-outs can be milled. These technologies are offering the possibility to use sheet metal material for structural elements of freeform shells or skins because of their precise shaping options. To apply these new manufacturing technologies to highly individualized structures, the production processes needs to be considered at an early stage in the design phase of a building. Especially for the form finding and the subdivision into producible elements new geometric methods are needed. Therefore this paper shows an approximation method for the simplification of free geometries into single curved strips.

Keywords: Flow Splitting, approximation, single curved strips

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