DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.48

Authors: Chao-Tai Hu, Chiwan Hsieh


This study discusses Google Earth application to Feng Shui site planning and engineering design analysis. Feng Shui is a Chinese traditional science that can be used for project site selection, project site planning, engineering functional design and building interior planning and design. Site geometry, hydrology, agronomy, environmental conditions, existing engineering design and layout, and orientation are all important factors in Feng Shui analysis. A survey is the common practice used to determine elevation, location and direction for each project element. Traditionally, on site Feng Shui analysis using a Feng Shui compass is the standard procedure. Google Earth with the compass function can be a useful advanced tool to assist in site direction determination and project site sky view using remote technology. This remote technique would improve the time efficiency in the preliminary and final on site Feng Shui analysis. A successful Feng Shui analysis case using Google Earth for a housing project on a hillside in Taichung, Taiwan is also discussed.

Keywords: Feng Shui; Geomancy; Google Earth; Architecture; Site planning.

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