DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-5480-5_062

Authors: François de Sorbier, Vincent Nozick, Hideo Saito


Stereoscopic images in computer graphics applications often require two rendering passes reducing by half the frame rate. In this situation, the conversion from standard to stereoscopic images may involve some difficulties to maintain real time rendering if the geometry is made of thousands triangles. Since few years, auto-stereoscopic displays have become more and more popular because of their multi-user capability and because they do not require any specific glasses. However, they usually require five or more input views that can be difficult to generate in real time. In this paper, we present a single pass algorithm using GPU that speeds-up the rendering of stereoscopic and multi-view images. The geometry is duplicated using a shader program that reduces the data transfer between the main memory and the graphic card. It also brings together the computation of some vertices's properties that are similar from one view to another.

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