DOI: 10.5176/2251-2403_PSSIR41

Authors: Dorothée de Nève, Tina Olteanu


Graffiti is a form of poilitical participation and communication. While graffiti are not new in form, they are definitely underrepresented in political research as means of political participation. Graffiti have an impact on public perception and communication. They influence political agenda setting, debates and political decisions. Following questions arise: 1) What forms of graffiti do exist? 2) What is genuinely political about certain types of graffiti and how is this reflected in the topics graffiti deal with? 3) How can graffiti be framed in the context of effective political participation and communication? Our empirical study is based on a systematic analysis of a large range of examples from West and East European cities, in particular Basel (Switzerland), Berlin and Leipzig (Germany), Bucharest (Romania) and Vienna (Austria).

Keywords: political participation; graffiti; street art

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