DOI: 10.5176/2251-3426_THoR1209

Authors: Madalyn Scerri, Genevieve Lovell and Paul Weeks

Abstract: This paper uses the ideology behind the GroundhogDay film [1] as a vehicle to explain the grounded theory researchmethodology, with this metaphoric comparison presented as‘Groundhog Day Theory’. This metaphor aims to clarify andsimplify the complex and challenging nature of grounded theoryby drawing parallels with the contemporary and recognizedconcepts of the Groundhog Day film. Notably, grounded theoryand Groundhog Day emphasize a fundamental process ofknowledge development through a cycle of learning, with thisprocess forming the crux of the Groundhog Day Theorymetaphor. By disseminating key points of convergence betweenthe methodology and the film, this paper aims to advance tourismand hospitality researchers’ informed understanding of coregrounded theory principles, and in particular novice researcherssuch as those undertaking a PhD. With increased theorydevelopment advocated for research particular within the field ofhospitality, understanding gained from Groundhog Day Theorymay lead the way for further exploratory, critical research usingthe grounded theory methodology.
Keywords: Grounded theory, tourism and hospitality, researchmethodology, novice researchers.

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