DOI: 10.5176/2251-1865_CBP17.23

Authors: Demetris Portides

Abstract: Feigenson et al. (2004) posit two core systems for number; one for representing large numerical magnitudes and one for representing small numbers by means of object files. I will present a connectionist model that simulates subitizing and shows that object files cannot explain subitizing; they need to be supplemented by considerations involving experiential input into the system and the existence of an accumulator. Then, I argue that an accumulator that represents numerosities analogically and not symbolically in conjunction with a pattern matching mechanism accounts for numerical capabilities. When arithmetical tasks require spatiotemporal information, the object indexing mechanism is also used. Thus, there is only one core system of number.

Keywords: number core systems; subitizing; connectionist models; object indexing

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