DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT13.12

Authors: Li Hui Lee, Chia Li Lin, Pei En Shu, Wen Huei Chou


The shift of the social roles played by the elderly during the process of aging results in different mentality, lower confidence and social participation. However, each individual has one’s personal values regardless of one’s experience, time, skills or knowledge.

Because of this, Edgar Cahn, an American scholar, proposed the concept of ‘time banking’. The idea behind ‘time banking’ is that the elderly pay for services provided by others by accumulating the time of their labor. The concept was once promoted in Taiwan, but it is now faced with obstacles due to an insufficient system and campaign and ineffective results. Based on Edgar Cahn’s concept, this design aims to improve the difficult situation in which time banking in Taiwan currently finds itself.

We will look into the active interlink between day care centers and time banking with an attempt to locally establish promotion and system. The emphasis will be laid on cooperation among local clubs, convenience stores and even enterprises in order to well connect the community web and create a complete information platform. The members of local clubs do not only consist of the elderly in the neighborhood, its students, housewives, retirees and the unemployed are also the main target of recruiting volunteers.

Those volunteers, along with the elderly in day care centers and communities, will work with convenience stores to provide a local community service. Taiwan has the highest number of convenience stores around the world which also operate the most comprehensive service. Making the most of this feature will better the combination of local community service and time banking.

Incorporating an access control system will also ensure a check on work attendance, dealings and safety. This design expects to see the implementation of time banking being fulfilled, through local popularization and system, and in the future the concept of aging in place will also be developed successfully in Taiwan.

Keywords: Time Banking、Aging in Place、Elderly

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