DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.33

Authors: Kaneeka Vidanage and Dr. K.L. Jayaratne


People are running after a never ending raise, with the desire to gain comfort, prestige, power and greener pastures. Competition rises, problems increases, pollution rises, technology evolved, hopes have become complex, cost of living rises, life styles have become complex, eventhough solutions are limited, resources are limited, time is limited, as a result of all those, one things happens, that is, nothing other than increases of stress.
Stress is a vast discipline, and here main emphasis will be given towards stress caused within occupational atmosphere. What are the root causes for stress in occupational environment, why people cannot satisfy from one job, why they operate reluctantly within their official environments, at the end of the day, why most of them end with suffering? Most of the possible causes for those raised questions are addressed within this concept paper.
The main intention of this concept paper is to see, how ICT could be used as a remedy to overcome this stress caused within occupational environment. ICT itself is also identified as a stress generator, even though ICT based advancements have contributed a lot to make life easier and to achieve ample of materialistic goals via enhancing productivity, accuracy, speed and efficiency, but does the life becomes complete, once only the visible materialistic goals are being achieved? What about the mental uneasiness caused via excessive work assignments within occupational context ? It`s hidden, difficult to measure. Even though it`s an agreed upon fact, that the mentality will be the big boss behind the success as well as the failure of any human being. If healthier and stable mentality could be managed across, various life challenges, no doubt, he/ she will be an outstanding and a successful personality. How ICT could contribute to achieve that goal? This concept paper is all about that.

Keywords: Occupational-atmosphere, mental-fatigue, emotional-overload, internal-self-talk, stress-caliberation

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