DOI: 10.5176/2251-3426_THoR17.20

Authors: K. Prabhakar Rajkumar, Mahadevan,

Abstract: Developing economies like India, Tourism, and Hospitality is one of the most important sectors for generating the Foreign exchange earnings. For the year 2014 to 2015 Tourism and Hospitality increased to 2.3{6e6090cdd558c53a8bc18225ef4499fead9160abd3419ad4f137e902b483c465}. In India, Tamil Nadu is one of the states which have the ancient temples in the Dravidian style of arts and so on which has been discussed in this paper. In Tamil Nadu, Yercaud is the most attractive tourist spot which is located in the Shevaroys range of hills, in the Eastern Ghats. The tourists from both the domestic as well as our foreign countries visit Yercaud for leisure and pleasure. So, this paper examines the infrastructure facilities, cleanliness, sanitation and health care conditions, accommodation and hotel facilities, safety and guides in Yercaud.

Keywords: Tourism and Hospitality, Yercaud.


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