DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.6

Authors: Ghanim A. Bekr


Productivity is one of the most important factors affecting the overall performance of any construction project. The objective of this study is identifying and ranks the factors that affect the productivity on Jordanian construction projects. To achieve this objective, data collection was carried out through a structured questionnaire survey. The questionnaire form consisting 37 factors identified through a comprehensive literature review. These factors are grouped into five categories. These are labor, technical, project, financial, and material and equipment. A total of 150 respondents consisting of 50 clients, 50 consultants, and 50 contractors participated to this survey. Data was analyzed using statistical package SPSS. Relative importance index method was used to find out the most significant factors affecting the productivity on construction sites. The results accomplished from the survey revealed that the major factors negatively affecting the labor productivity are: Poor planning and scheduling, material shortage at project site, equipment and tools shortage, lack of skilled labor, poor site management, rework due to construction errors, old and inefficient equipment, lack of supervisor’s experience, payment delay to suppliers and slow response of consulting staff inspecting the work. Based upon these findings, the study recommends the key drivers that will be beneficial for organizations that are planning to enhance the productivity of their workforce.

Keywords: productivity, construction, projects, importance index, Jordan

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