DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.134

Authors: Sachin Singh and Julian Kang


Interoperability is of high significance in construction industry because construction projects are multidisciplinary team efforts that combine inputs from several stakeholders throughout the building life cycle. Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) has emerged as a neutral platform to solve the existing inadequate interoperability issues between different Building Information Modeling (BIM) applications. IFC is expected to solve the interoperability problems among various processes, but the reality is not known. This paper explorers the current state of IFC in the U.S. construction industry from interviewing eight construction experts in BIM. Our interview reveals that, despite advancements in the IFC schema, AEC firms are still facing several challenges in implementing IFC. However, some general contractors appear to enhance their collaboration with stakeholders while using IFC to exchange the BIM files among the project participants.

Keywords: interoperability, IFC, interview, grounded theory

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