DOI: 10.5176/2251-3833_GHC13.27

Authors: Bambang Parmanto, Gede Pramana, Daihua Yu, Andrea D. Fairman, Brad E. Dicianno, Michael P.

Abstract: We developed novel mobile technologies to support self-management and care delivery for people with chronic conditions. One such population is individuals with Spina Bifida (SB), the most common permanently disabling birth defect in the US. Individuals with SB are vulnerable to secondary complications (e.g. urinary tract infections (UTIs), skin breakdowns) that can be prevented with self-care. The mobile health (mHealth) system consistsof smartphone apps, a clinician portal, and a two-way communication connecting the two - to support self management and service delivery for people with SB. The innovative system, called iMHere (iMobile Health and Rehabilitation), is designed to allow clinicians to monitor a patient’s condition and send a treatment plan to a smartphone. The smartphone apps are designed to empower patients to do preventive self-care and will be adapted to user’s disabilities. Clinicians will use the portal to tailor a treatment plan for each and every patient (e.g. suggesting a medication schedule, how to care for the wound, etc.) and the portal will push the plan to the smartphone apps.

Keywords: mHealth, mobile health, telehealth, chronic didease, self-care

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