DOI: 10.5176/2251-1857_M317.16

Authors: Phani Kumari Paritala, Sreeram Ramakrishna, Tejasri Yarlagadda and Prasad KDV Yarlagadda

Abstract: Healthcare industry is one of the most important sectors that had made substantial progress over the past few decades and is continuing to evolve in many different areas. The applications of digital manufacturing technologies such as three dimensional (3D) printing are rapidly increasing and likely to transform the health care industry. Moreover, 3D printing capabilities align well with the needs of medical applications and are feasible for specialized pre-surgical planning, prosthetic applications, tissue engineering and organ printing, regenerative medicine etc. Furthermore, 3D printing technology has significant potential for development in various aspects of the modern health care industry, due to its capability of printing customized, complex, multi-material geometries. Therefore, in the next few years 3D printing is expected to transform the health care industry. However, the limitations due initial equipment cost, lack of expertise, and lack of suitable materials and stability of the printed materials need to be addressed to take full advantage of the technology.

Keywords:Digital manufacturing; 3D printing; Bioprinting; Healthcare Industry; Applications

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