DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC15.122

Authors: Lee Hsiao Lu and Lee Ling Ing


the purpose of this study was to explore the learning efficiency on critical thinking intention applying multiple strategies among nursing students. This study applied the Quasi-experimental research method. This research surveyed a total of 250 nursing students (NS), and the valid respondents were 225.The participants’ average age was 18.The proposed multiple teaching strategies conducted from 2 to 16 weeks included reading Nightingale biography, NS took role-playing in clinical ethics dilemma, and cases of organ transplantation experience sharing to NS. Two questionnaires were adopted to identify the learning efficiency on applying the proposed multiple strategies. First, the nursing students’ critical thinking intention (CTI) was conducted which included 20 structural questions. Then pre-test was conducted in the first week, and the post-test in the 17th week of the semester. Second, the evaluation of multiple teaching strategies regarding teaching for nursing ethics questionnaire was conducted efficiency of multiple strategies teaching(EMST) in the 17th week of the semester. The post-test average score was 94.88 ± 11.15 (M ± SD) for CTI and it was higher than the pre-test88.13 ± 8.58 (M ± SD) (pair-t = -8.27, p <0.5). EMST indicated that the organ transplantation experience sharing was the highest teaching efficiency, Mean score=2.27. NS clinical ethical role-play, Mean score=2.00, the lowest one, and NS reading Nightingale biography, Mean score= 2.11, the medium one. (The response ranges from “0” to “3”Likert scale. “0” represents strongly disagree and “3”represents strongly agree). Thus, multiple teaching strategies has significant effects on critical thinking intention by reading Nightingale biography, clinical ethical role-play, case’s organ transplantation experience sharing to NS. These multiple teaching strategies were effective to nursing ethics learning. Keywords: component; critical thinking intention; multiple strategies teaching; styling; role-play.

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