DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE15.150

Authors: Seong-Shin Hong, Je-Hoon Jeong, and Chan-Hoon Haan


Multi-unit dwelling, such as apartment and multiplex housing has comprised the largest part of living in modern society. As changing in the dwelling pattern, the various noise problems have become a social issue. From this point of view, indoor transmission noise of the apartment as well as the floor impact noise are mostly serious social problem that must be solved in Korea. Autoclaved lightweight concrete (ALC) panel and block have been widely used in residential, commercial and industrial building as its lightness and workability. It is mainly used for partition wall between housing unit, also in or outer wall of nonbearing wall. However, the sound insulation performance of ALC is not high due to its light weight and the porousness.
This study aimed to improve the sound insulation performance of ALC block, by altering the layer. Structure of the sound insulation wall, thickness of the air layer, and the connecting materials to satisfy first grade in sound insulation performance in the partition wall between housing units.
As a result, the sound insulation performance of the structure proposed in this study was found to be superior to that of the existing ALC block walls. Among 4 test objects, 2 test objects acquired first grade and other 2 test objects got second grade and third grade respectively.

Keywords: Noise of apartment building, Partion wall between Housing units, Autoclaved lightweight concrete, ALC, Sound Insulation, Light weighted wall

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