DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-5480-5_028

Authors: Rittichai Jitpukdeebodintra, Suntom Witosurapot


A method for maintaining quality of service in game servers when there exists with excessive users is often done by increasing the number of game servers. While this method is straightforward, it demands a number of new machines to be invested without realizing local utilization of resources available in the current machines. In this paper, we argue that graphic processor (GPU) working in parallel with a local central processor (CPU) inside a machine can be a good candidate for reducing the workload, before attempting to distribute it to the other machines. By using the empirical study, we investigate in what level the GPU can give benefits to different types of online game servers. As a result, we can give suggestion how the GPU should be involved so that the performance of the game servers can be improved. We believe that this result can give benefits to online game developers who may want to gain performance of their applications without requiring any extra resources.

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