DOI: 10.5176/2301-3761_CCECP.43

Authors: Emma E. Ordoño, Analiza P. Rollon


The effect of ozonation on the biodegradability of distillery wastewater in a batch anaerobic digester was investigated in semi-batch pilot-scale experiments. The organic matter and color reductions as well as gas production were monitored. The total COD and color reduction during the 30 Further anaerobic treatment resulted in average total COD similarly treated by batch anaerobic digester and without prior ozonation. Without ozonation pre-treatment, there was no color removal in the anaerobically treated wastewater. While with ozonation pre-Gas production for wastewater with and without ozonation pre-treatment was 27 L and 28 L, respectively. The biogas production in the anaerobic digester was more stable when the influent is pretreated with ozonation than without prior ozonation pretreatment.

Keywords: anaerobic, biodegradability, ozonation

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