DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE17.53

Authors: Sant Chansomsak and Sirimas Hengramee


After the first Thai architectural school established in 1933, Thai architectural approach shifted from Thai traditional architecture towards modern architecture. Since Thailand is located in the tropical climate zone, adopting modern architecture in relation to hot and humid climate, so called modern tropical architecture became a task for local architects in Thailand. This paper aims to present experiments and implementations of modern tropical architecture in Thailand, through the works of Associate Professor Dhiti Hengrasmee, one of the most influential and pioneer local architects in Northeastern region of Thailand. His works and ideas can be classified into four principles, namely protection of direct sunlight, enhancement of natural ventilation, prevention of highhumidity, and reflection of local conditions. Since these principles are able to be applied for passive design concept, which is not heavily relied on fossil-fuel based energy for electricity and mechanical equipment, they can be used as a lesson for sustainable architectural design, as well as the application for designing modern tropical architecture may not only restricted in Thailand, but also other places in the same climatic zone.

Keywords: Local architect; Modern tropical architecture; Thailand


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