DOI: 10.5176/2345-7821_ACMR13.14

Authors: Ying Teng, Mu Yao, Hongxi Xu, Sheng Hua, Chanlu Xie, Bob Bao, Qihan and Dong


Quiescent cancer cells are proposed to be a potential source for cancer recurrence. Quiescent colon cancer cells may cause cancer recurrence via their cell cycle re-entry. P27, Skp2 and c-myc are pivotal proteins in regulation of this re-entry process. Compounds isolated from the natural plant have been shown to have anti-cancer property. Therefore we aimed to determine whether these compounds are able to block cell cycle re-entry by quiescent colon cancer cells via the stabilisation and/or destabilisation of the aforementioned regulators under in vitro conditions.

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