ISBN: 978-981-08-8408-6

Authors: Dr Alex Maritz


This paper proposes a conceptual entrepreneurial marketing model, integrating academic and practice theory. Based upon abstract, generalized and explicit theoretical concepts, this paper is the first to integrate an implicit, intuitive and tacit resource of practice within a single conceptual model. Theoretical underpinnings are developed from a newly conceptualized definition of entrepreneurial marketing, perspectives on the emerging nature of entrepreneurial marketing, and models of application of entrepreneurial marketing. Practice based underpinnings are based upon the proactive, innovative and risk-taking entrepreneurship marketing initiatives identified from a respected community of high growth entrepreneurs. An interpretive, ethnographic qualitative approach, consisting of in-depth interviews and focus groups was initiated to record the entrepreneurs’ real-life experiences. The proposed model and equation facilitates entrepreneurs, corporate venturers and post graduate entrepreneur students toward
establishing high growth ventures.

Keywords: Entrepreneurial marketing, entrepreneurs, academic and practice theory

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