DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT14.36


Abstract: Symbolic Execution become a prominent technique in testing to reveal the defects of software application programs at path level by using abstract interpretation of symbolic values. Symbolic Execution is having the limitations to test the applications with multiple programming languages, concurrent programming, non-linear arithmetic and native calls etc. Dynamic Symbolic Execution (DSE) is advancement to Symbolic execution to address majority of the problems of Symbolic Execution. Analyzing the complex real-world applications with DSE is also still having the some problems like executing complex path constraints and path coverage problem etc. In this paper to address these two problems of DSE we proposed, the integration of Metamorphic Relations (MR) with Constraint Solver as alternative to solve the problems of complex path constraints in dynamic symbolic execution. This integration extends the capability of constraint solver to execute the complex path constraints by using the advantage of Metamorphic Relations to alleviate the test oracle problem. Experiments results are showing that our approach revealed many bugs and having high performance than existing approaches, while comparing on open source java application programs.

Keywords: Symbolic Testing, Metamorphic Relations, Complex Path Constraints, Constraint Resolver, Test Oracles

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