DOI: 10.5176/2251-3833_GHC14.27

Authors: Edgar Huang, Jing Wang and Tianjiao Liu

Abstract: This study has investigated how Chinese hospitals have embraced e-health as reflected in the adoption of interactive e-health tools on their Web sites. The literature review shows that this is the first serious study regarding the implementation of e-health in China. A content analysis was conducted based on a systematic probability sample drawn from a list of 19,084 Chinese hospitals. This study found 14 interactive e-health tools on Chinese hospital Web sites, but the average number of such tools used on these sites was only 3; specialized hospitals and plastic surgery hospitals outperformed general hospitals, and the San jia hospitals (top-ranked in the top-tier) and private hospitals were equal in implementing interactive e-health tools though, overall, private hospitals outperformed public hospitals. It is concluded that comprehensively implementing the 12 most important interactive e-health tools on Chinese hospital Web sites today will help the hospitals provide quality healthcare regardless of the hospital’s institution type, ownership nature, and ranking and develop a systematic online marketing and communication strategy, and help patients more easily find the information about a hospital, access and understand their medical records, and have a user-friendly patient education about their symptoms and medical procedures.

Keywords: Interactivity, hospitals, e-health, Web sites

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