DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE17.43

Authors: Phillip Gallegos and MariaDelgado


In order to bridge the radical gap between practice and education, our undergraduate program has experimented with several strategic programs to model evolving architectural practice and education. Our strategy has been to develop a curriculum in international design-build that can employ traditional studio skills of research, design and cultural criteria. This paper is an extension of an exploration of options and the outcomes of the strategic inclusion of international study and practice in the form of an undergraduate design/build course sequence. In a paper presented to an international design build conference in Halifax and Santiago, a comparison was made between educational design build programs and professional design build practices. This paper further explores programmatic changes to an undergraduate design build study abroad program. It presents additional student data on expectations, collaboration, international context and pretraining tensions over a two-year period.

Keywords: Design Build, Management, International, Student, Professional


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