DOI: 10.5176/978-981-08-7466-7_kd-24

Authors: Lugkana Worasinchai, Chanchai Suracheep and Farhad Daneshgar


To investigate IO knowledge transfer in global supply chains a representative case was selected that consists of a number of laboratory analysis equipment dealer companies in Thailand and their customer companies in different industries in various parts of the world. Using a survey questionnaire data were collected from 73 employees of dealer companies and 87 employees of their customer companies scattered in different industries worldwide. The structural analysis technique indicates that the intra-organization characteristics of the dealer companies – which are supposed to transfer necessary knowledge to their customers – has no significant relationship with nature of knowledge that is transferred nor with the inter-organization management. Moreover there is no statistical significance in the intra-organization relationships within the client companies – who are the recipients of the transferred knowledge, perhaps because the majority of laboratory analysis equipment dealer companies import a great part of their products from overseas companies and they do not possess the technology themselves. As a result, the knowledge transferring procedure does not have much impact on the nature of knowledge transfer and the inter-organization practices or the intra-organization dynamics of buying companies.

Keywords: knowledge transfer; supply chain relationship

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