DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE17.87

Authors: Seyedeh Gelavizh Tanhatan-Naseri and Nader Hataf


Although in blast analyses the response of soil and structures can be easily investigated separately, their interaction still remains indistinctive, especially in the field of infrastructures as they are super strategic. In this research a numerical modeling based on a case study from a metro station in Iran is selected to be simulated numerically in order to study the effect of a soil layer laid over a station under explosion loading. In this paper, the results are presented displaying amplification and a dissipation phase which shows the complex behavior of soil layer. There would be a model verification based on crater analysis on a soil medium. Finally as a conclusion there is a discussion over the results that displays if the loading frequency matches the natural frequency of the soil layer an amplification may occur that can cause an unavoidable disaster

Keywords: component; numerical modeling; explosion; soil layer; equation of state


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