DOI: 10.5176/2251-2853_3.1.144

Authors: Z. Molamohamadi, N. Ismail, Z. Leman, and N. Zulkifli


In today’s business transactions, human resources have the major contribution to achieving organizational success. Merging sustainability into organizational goals and outcomes makes them the driving force of the organization. This paper views the relationship between human resource management and sustainable development from two different perspectives; In the first approach, human resources are considered as a means of gaining sustainable development, while in the second approach the employees’ knowledge, experience, abilities and skills, as the organizations’ invaluable resources, are valued and well preserved. Based on the first viewpoint, human resources must be trained and managed to apply energy and resources sparingly to provide the best environmental, social, and economic condition. In the latter, however, the best possible environmental, social, and economic conditions are needed to take advantage
from the employees’ knowledge and skills.

Keywords: human resource management, sustainability, sustainable development

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