DOI: 10.5176/2251-1857_M317.18

Authors: Sayli Jambhulkar and Kaustubh Kulkarni

Abstract: Titanium based alloys are the prime materials in the construction of key components in the field of automobiles, aerospace and medical applications due to their excellent combination of strength and corrosion resistance properties. Various processing required to attain these properties are dependent on interdiffusion behavior and diffusional interactions of the constituent alloying elements present in the titanium alloys. So, current investigation was aimed to study the interdiffusion behavior in single phase β region of Ti-Al- Mo system. Two infinite diffusion couples were prepared at 1100º C for 48 hours in Ar atmosphere. Concentration profile across the diffusion couples were obtained using EPMA WDS point-by-point and EDS line profile analysis. The MultiDiflux program was used for fitting the experimental concentration profiles and analyzing interdiffusion fluxes, which were further used to evaluate ternary interdiffusion coefficients at the common composition. Strong diffusional interactions were inferred from maxima, minima and zero flux planes in the profiles which were quantified in terms of cross coefficients.

Keywords: Titanium alloys, Interdiffusion, Zero-flux plane, Kirkaldy Approach

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