DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT15.36

Authors: Mas Idayu Md Sabri, Gail Hopkins and Peter Blanchfield


Many kinaesthetic games have been designed for Kinect™ but a literacy learning game was not one of them. Kinaesthetic learning is an important component of educational approach and it was surprising that up till now no significant kinaesthetic game has been created to take advantage of this technology to be used to enhance the learning of literacy. This paper discusses a kinaesthetic game designed, developed, and tested based on the theory that some children learn to read better using the kinaesthetic approach which could be presented in a digital environment. The game called Kinaesthetic Literacy Game (KLG) was designed based on data gathered from literature reviewed and experiments conducted, it was developed for Kinect™ for Windows using XNA 4, and it was tested on participants aged 4 years old and above. The game was tested as a one-off trial and pre and post tests were given to observe the immediate effect of the game on the participants. The results obtained from the test were very encouraging because correct results were observed in 60 out of 85 participants tested.

Keywords: kinaesthetic game; game-based learning; learning technology; literacy; Kinect™

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