DOI: 10.5176/2251-3426_THoR16.26

Authors: Meng Zhang, Chiehyun Yang andĀ Zhiyuan Yan

Abstract: Tourism service is delivered through the channel of peopleā€™s interaction. In hotels, the typical tourism accommodation establishments, the service quality is influenced by the exchange between guests and service employees which is mainly performed in the form of language communication, so it is of practical significance to study the language use of hotel staff. The current study targeted the front-line employees in five-star hotels in Macau, and aimed at examining the correlation between language use, language attitude and language competence, in an effort to provide recommendations on improving the language performance of hotel employees. As the findings show, Cantonese is the dominant medium in internal communication in hotels in Macau, and Chinese Mandarin is used most in service delivery. Hotel employees in Macau have showed high recognition and strong mastery of Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin and English. Through linear regression analysis, the causal relationship between language use and language ability was established for both Cantonese and English, and the mediation effect of language attitude for Cantonese was also verified.

Keywords: hotel employee; language use; language attitude; language competence; Macau

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