DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE16.109

Authors: J. Pasławski, P. Nowotarski, J. Matyja


Construction sector is in general characterized by frequent deadlines delays, budget overruns and problems in maintaining proper quality. To prevent such problems, a common practice is to transfer the management methods used successfully in production industry. Article presents the idea of introducing Lean Management methodologies in construction processes on the example of column concreting. Lean methodologies are used to assess the risk problems and find suitable solution which will influence on reduction of the total time and cost of analyzed works. Proposed idea of Lean Management in this paper as construction management solution can be remedy for many different problems in the construction industry not limited to analyzed example of column concreting. Authors are interested in further research to find a synergy using Leagile Management procedures for solving problems in construction management based on hybrid methods.

Keywords: Lean Management, construction industry, Flexible Management, FMEA analysis, Ishikawa diagram, column concreting.

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