DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT14.03

Authors: Boumediene Belkhouche, Nafla Saeed Al Darei,Shamsa Abdulla Salem Ali, Shaikha Hamdan Al Mandhari and Mouza Ateeq Al Mehairi


Our research addresses the design and implementation of a gaming framework that facilitates the acquisition of Arabic linguistic skills for children. Issues that we address revolve around the selection of an appropriate ``sub-language", cognitive structures and knowledge organization (concept map), and the navigation modes through the map (knowledge construction). The implementation of our game-based learning model provides a coherent integration of learning and technology as embodied in electronic games. Our implemented system is deployed on various platforms (e.g.,, laptop, iOS, Android, and HTML5). A major emphasis of our research is to evaluate the effectiveness of game-based learning. Thus, the supporting platform is used to devise experiments to assess the value of our model.

Keywords: learning content; concept map; knowledge organization; game-based learning; Arabic language

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