DOI: 10.5176/2251-2195_CSEIT13.29

Authors: Terry Ann C. Cayabyab and Cristian Rey C. Seco

Abstract: Libraries are required to acquire recent and sufficient materials in order to cater to the research needs of its stakeholders. In effect, tasks in the library are voluminous and tedious, tantamount to the volume of its holdings. Nowadays, technologies such as the Internet and repositories are now utilized to keep library collections in electronic form. Also, software applications are developed to facilitate the chores in the library.

In this study, researchers sought to characterize Electronic Theses and Dissertations application for being useful to the library in terms of productivity. This was made possible by investigating the needs specified by the stakeholders which in turn were treated as functional and non-functional requirements for the development of an ETD application.

Keywords: Electronic Theses and Dissertation, ETD, Functional Requirements, Digital Library, Productivity

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