DOI: 10.5176/2251-3566_L317.50

Authors: Atmaram Gangane

Abstract: A pertinent question to ask would be : what guides the present discourse in its effort at disclosing or unmasking the business of literature and pedagogy? Literature and pedagogy spatially acquire different meanings while shaping /conditioning human minds. However, to go deep into the essence of teaching of literature and utility of literature, an effort is made to reconsider how much conventional understanding of literature had undergone a significant if not radical configuration. For sometimes now, the discourse on understanding literature per se is a diverse context. Therefore, the concern of this deliberation has been primly to understand the nature of literature and its inherent capacity to instruct, enrich and imbibe. An endeavour is made to perceive it as a distinct interdisciplinary realm or feature, distinct from other disciplines such as anthropology, philosophy, economics, sociology and politics. Besides, the claims of literature and pedagogy would be studied to underline the importance of literature over other human sciences. It would be explored how literature is beyond sciences and social sciences and what limitations do the sciences and human sciences have in terms of shaping and comprehending human life in its vast and complex canvass? How the different genres play a vital role to harmonize and civilize man in society - is the crux of this business. Truly, the utility of literature in different concerns of human civilization would also be scrutinized to uncover hitherto neglected but very important facets in the spiritual prosperity of human being caught in the labyrinth of science and technology

Keywords: Human sciences, knowledge, literature, pedagogy, science


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