DOI: 10.5176/2315-4330_WNC17.63

Authors: Gulhan Erkus, Seher Basaran, Sevda Arslan, Gulden Basit, Emine Kuruca Ozdemir, Sergul Duygulu,  Suheyla Abaan


Background: Previous studies showed that there is an association between locus of control (LOC) orientation and healthy life style behaviors (HLSB). But there are few studies showing this relationship among nursing students who are expected to be role models for health care users with HLSF and to have control over their lives. Aim: This descriptive cross-sectional study aimed to examine locus of control orientation and healthy life behaviors of new nursing students at a Turkish University. Material and Methods: Study sample consisted of 111 new nursing students at the same University. Locus of Control Scale and Healthy Life Style Behavior Scale were used for data collection. Descriptive statistics, Mann Whitney U test, Kruskall Wallis test and Spearman correlation coefficient were used to analyze data. Results: The mean LOC score was 108, 6 (SD=19,2; min:50, max:183) meaning they were internally oriented. LOC Scale total score ranges from 47 (internal LOC) to 235 (external LOC). Mean HLSB Scale score was 126,9 (SD=5,3; Min:95, Max:166). HLSB Scale score was low since the scale score ranges from 48 to 192. The results showed that there was no relationship between students’ mean-total LOC scores and mean HLSB scores. There was a negative relationship between mean total LOC score and mean of self-actualization subscale score of HLSB (p<0,01) and between mean of personal control of subscale score of LOC and self-actualization subscale score of HLBS (p<0,01). Conclusion: This study results showed that nursing students assessed themselves as internally controlled persons; however, their mean HLSB score was low. Study population is entry level nursing students. Every nursing student has the right to know his or her LOC orientation and why LOC orientation is important for nursing before they start to take nursing area courses. Nursing faculty need to be sensitive for LOC orientation of students and improvements should be considered during nursing education

Keywords: Locus of control; healthy life style behavior; nursing students


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