DOI: 10.5176/2251-1679_CGAT31

Authors: C.Gunasekara,C.Uduwarage,C.Keppetiyagama,N.Kodikara,D.Sandaruwan,R.Senadheera and J.Gunaseela


This paper discusses an ongoing research in using cutting edge 3D virtual reality environment as a real time tele-presence system. This virtual environment is an upgraded 21st century solution for traditional 2D surveillance and monitoring systems. That is, instead of appearing as featureless dotted targets, vessels on the display appear as they really are in “Gods- eye” view or first person view. The system has been developed to establish whether its clarity of presentation and viewing versatility can enhance situation awareness and ease of interpretation for the port’s vessel traffic controllers or Navy coastal surveillance units. This system can be easily converted to a VTS (Vessel Tracking System) or a Ports monitoring system, maritime navigation aid or a military command and control platform. The research consists of sensor network, sensor information fusion, information processing, and real time graphics rendering. The system has been utilized in operation with other traditional systems for testing at Sri Lanka Navy headquarters. After evaluating the effectiveness of this research an island wide surveillance incorporating all the sensors and GIS information on the 3D virtual environment will be done. It also has the first person shooter perspective for navigation around the location interested in a virtual world observing the real time scenario; allowing any interested user to feel the intense and realization of a the operation virtually.

Keywords: Virtual Reality, Information fusion, Tactical display

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