DOI: 10.5176/2301-394X_ACE17.25

Authors: Jiří Čarský and Petr Šatra


The goal of the research is to perform a macroscopic analysis of the modal split in all municipalities of the Czech Republic, based on the available data. The focus will be on periodically repeated travels to work and school. These travels have the largest share among all realized travels. Geographic segmentation of the analyzed data will allow carrying out targeted application of conclusions resulting from the analysis per each municipality or group of municipalities. Applications which may by verified by the research are for example a system of prioritization of support of different transport modes in each area or sensitivity analysis of modal split and particular transport mode support mechanism. The research has shown so far, that the transport modes Train and Urban Public Transport show very strong complementarity and that there is a high competition between the transport mode BUS on one side and the mutually supplementing modes Train and Urban Public Transport on the other side. On the other hand, competition of the transport mode Passenger Car with the mutually supplementing modes Train and Urban Public Transport is negligible, however at the same time, there is a high competition of transport mode Passenger Car and sole transport mode of Urban Public Transport.

Keywords: modal split; Bayesian clustering; clusters; complementarity of transport modes; competition between transport modes; prioritization of support of transport modes


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